After the foundation footing concrete was poured last week, it was left to dry for a day or two before removing the forms. This past week the guys got everything ready to start the foundation walls – this included installing the weeping tile all around the footings, and then covering the weeping tile with more gravel.

Concrete footings for an owner builder raised bungalow

We decided to do Fox Blocks insulated concrete forms (ICF) for the foundation. ICF foundations are supposed to be more energy efficient than regular poured concrete foundations. It does cost a little more, but this is one part of the house that we decided to spend a little extra money. We want the basement to be dry and warm. We felt an ICF foundation was the way to achieve this.

Fox block insulated concrete forms

ICF Foundation

Here is a picture of the progress after the first day of installing the Fox Block. The blocks themselves are fairly easy to install, they just stack right on top of each other. Some blocks need to be cut, and this can end up taking a bit more time (especially when I make a mistake and end up cutting the same block twice!) The rebar then has to be placed in each row, and all the blocks are clipped together to increase the strength.

Fox block insulated concrete forms ICF foundation

After three days of installing the ICF it is pretty much finished. This is the view from the front of the house…

Fox block insulated concrete forms ICF foundation

…and the view from the back.

Fox block insulated concrete forms ICF foundation

Next week will be finishing what’s left of the forms, bracing it, then pouring the concrete.

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