It doesn’t look like a lot of progress was made this week, but pouring the concrete for the foundation was a pretty big deal and we feel like we’re getting closer to finishing the foundation. Before doing the concrete the insulated concrete forms (ICF) had to be braced so the wall didn’t fall over. (Last week we finished stacking all the ICF blocks) Wood pieces were also screwed to all the spots where the foam blocks were cut. Here is how the foundation looked when it was all ready for the concrete.

Fox block insulated concrete forms

Pouring Concrete

We rented a boom truck to make pouring the concrete a lot easier. The boom was controlled by the truck driver and he moved it exactly where the concrete needed to go. The guys did it Thursday this week, which was pretty much the hottest day of the spring so far. It was a long day, and very exhausting for the guys.

Pouring concrete in ICF foundation

Once the concrete was all poured in the forms the guys added rebar for the front stoop, and anchor bolts along the walls for the knee wall. Concrete is fairly stressful to work with, and I know Tony is glad that part is over. Next week the fun part starts – framing!


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