Our first house was a neglected 1980s bungalow, and in contrast our second house was a shiny new raised bungalow.  Our third house was somewhere in the middle. It was a 1990s split level fixer upper with a ton of living space, a beautiful in-ground pool, and was in a quiet neighborhood on a dead-end street. It was outdated, but with a few cosmetic upgrades we knew we could make it a beautiful home. So in November 2013 we moved from Winchester to Ingleside to be closer to Tony’s work and to family.

1990s split level makeover

This house felt very dark, dirty and outdated when we moved in, but we thought with a few renovations we could make it updated and beautiful. It had a great layout and lots of space. There were three bedrooms upstairs, and a spare bedroom downstairs. There were also three bathrooms. And another thing we loved was the in-ground pool in the backyard.

We had children #3 and #4 while living at this house. Child #3 was born in September 2014, and child #4 was born in January 2016. I was on maternity leave for a majority of the time we lived at this house, so I had a little extra time to work on projects at home. I was never bored, and learned a lot about my own capabilities, and loved (almost) every minute!

Before Pictures

All the before pictures or our third house can be found here (be prepared for lots of orange oak!) The following are links to before and after pictures of some of the biggest transformations in our third house.

Painted oak kitchen cabinets

Oak staircase makeover

Toy room with fireplace update

Laundry room/bathroom

Basement spare room

Living and dining room

Front Hall

I made a “To-Do list” of everything we completed in our third house, where you can find more before and after pictures. Or you can also click “Third House” in the sidebar for a complete list of all the projects we did in our third house.

The Build

When we bought our third house we knew that we wouldn’t live there forever.  We had plans to build our forever home, so our third house was a perfect fixer upper for building sweat equity and to flip within a couple years. We starting building our forever home in April 2016. Our third house was put up for sale in March, and it sold within 5 days! We had a long closing date and moved out at the end of August. Please check out “the build” category in the side bar. This was the busiest and most intense time of our lives, but we made it through in one piece and have an awesome story to tell.