how to make rustic farmhouse christmas string art

How to make Christmas string art

Hello! For those of you who are new here, my name is Jessica and I love making crafts and decorating my home (find out more about me here). Whenever I can do these projects on a small budget, it’s even better! Today I’m going to show you how to make some Christmas string art as…

budget friendly mudroom makeover with benches

Mini mudroom makeover on a budget

Our mudroom is one of the most used rooms in our house. It is combined with our laundry room so there is always a constant flow of laundry and children in and out of this room. The mudroom is between our garage and the front hall, and when we enter the house it’s through the…

outdoor play structure makeover using semi-transparent stain

Before and after swing set makeover

This swing set makeover started as an idea I had while mowing the lawn. When I mow the lawn I like to make it as easy as possible, and have as few things in the way as possible to mow around.  Which also means less whipper snipping (or not whipper snipping, and having weeds grow…

doll clothes pattern maureen cracknell flower child

Reversible wrap dress doll clothes pattern

Our oldest daughter recently had her sixth birthday, and I wanted to make her and her 18 inch doll matching summer dresses. However, my daughter’s dress didn’t turn out quite how I had hoped (I always overestimate my sewing skills). But her doll dress did turn out, so that’s what I’m going to show you…

how to install an above ground pool yourself

How to install your own above ground pool

Are you thinking of installing your own above ground pool? We finished installing our pool a few weeks ago, and I must say that we learned a lot. (And many thanks to my in-laws for helping, we couldn’t have done it alone!) This is the third and final post on my series of how to…

how to install an above ground pool yourself

Preparing the base for an above ground pool

Are you thinking of installing your own above ground pool? A few weeks ago Tony and I, with help from his parents, installed an above ground pool in our backyard. Tony and I have done a lot of DIY projects together, but this was one of the most difficult (somewhere right up there with installing…

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