Do you have an awkward area in your house that you don’t quite know what to do with? In our house, our shared boys bedroom has a nook about four feet off the ground. We built a raised bungalow, so this nook was the area above our front hall closet. My intention all along was to make a built in loft bed in the nook, and complete the room with a reclaimed wood desk and a second built in bed to match. Over the last 6 weeks Tony and I have been working on completing this shared boys bedroom as a guest participant in the Spring 2018 One Room Challenge. And I’m glad to say we have completed (for the most part) everything on our to-do list!

*This bedroom makeover is sponsored by the HOME DEPOT CANADA, who provided me with products to complete this space. I have spent many an hour in the aisles of HD, and only recommend brands I use and love*

shared boys bedroom with built in beds

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Let’s have a quick look back over the last 6 weeks, then I’ll show you all the pretty pictures!

Week 1: The plan

We started off with a room that was cluttered and disorganized, and not very fun for two young boys. The plan was to take everything out, build a loft bed in the nook area, build three storage steps, and a solid wood desk top.

Shared boys bedroom makeover

Week 2: Building cabinets

The first step was to build the cabinets for the built in bed and storage drawers. I built the boxes out of 3/4 mdf, and glued, clamped, nailed, and biscuit joined them all together.

built in storage drawers and loft bed shared boys bedroom

Week 3: Paint the beds

Next I painted all the cabinets and the twin bed. First I primed with a good quality primer, then did two coats of paint using Behr alkyd satin enamel color matched to Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace. I also painted the trim and doors using the same paint.

white built in beds for a shared boys bedroom

Week 4: Paint walls

Next I repainted all the walls, because the first time I painted the room I ran out of paint halfway through the last coat. The new paint color I chose is very similar to what I have done previously, except that it was a clearer blue with less of a purple undertone. This paint color is CIL Fostoria Glass Blue.

top tips for painting a room

Week 5: Epoxy resin reclaimed wood desk

This was our favorite part of the room. Tony and I built this desk top from reclaimed fir hydro pole cross arms. We cut them, planed them, glued them, sanded, stained, then finished with epoxy resin. The desk and steps are so shiny, and it really brings out the character of the wood (Check my Youtube video for the entire process).  We also installed the drawer boxes and the hardware during week 5.

bunk bed built in with steps

Shared boys bedroom with built in beds reveal!

This last week we worked on installing the plywood frame for the loft bed and finishing off the solid fir trim around the loft bed.

built in beds for a shared boys bedroom

I built a box for the headboard that has a hinged top for extra storage, and painted it white to match the rest of the built in beds.

built in beds for a shared boys bedroombuilt in beds for a shared boys bedroom

built in beds for a shared boys bedroom

I replaced the two dressers that we originally had with one tall boy dresser. I found this dresser at a thrift store, and refinished it using two shades of built a raised bungalow. The full tutorial for this dresser makeover will be coming in a few weeks!

shared boys bedroom makeover

My budget ran out by the time I got to the artwork, so for the most part I used frames and pictures I already had. Then I filled it in with some 10 inch square IKEA frames, and put sentimental baby onesies and button up shirts in them.

shared boys bedroom built in beds

I added an eclectic gallery wall above the dresser full of baby pictures, vintage pieces, and original kids artwork. And as a request from my husband and son, some Ottawa Senators things.

eclectic gallery wall mid century dresser makeover

eclectic gallery wall

shared boys bedroom makeover one room challenge reveal

We also made some book ledges with leftover pieces of reclaimed fir.

diy child book ledge

I had planned to make matching zip-up bedding for the boys, but I ran out of time. Instead, I cut a duvet cover that I already had in half, and used one side for each of the beds. I love the mix of blues, lime green, and red within the room. It feels very colorful and fun.

built in loft bed

bedroom makeover

shared boys bedroom loft bed

We never finished making railings for the beds, but I actually think it’s okay without railings. The boys slept in their new beds for a few nights, and are so happy with their new room. And the best part, is that crib is gone forever!

shared boys bedroom makeover

Check back to the built a raised bungalow to see some of the other amazing rooms transformations!

And lastly, I have a few projects in the near future that we’ll be working on, including:

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45 thoughts on “Shared boys bedroom with built in beds: One Room Challenge reveal”

  1. This is adorable! I love the beds and the way you incorporated the custom drawers. I have a 4-year-old and a 4-month-old, both boys, and look forward to the day they can share a room…saving this for later inspiration! Wonderful work!

  2. I’m impressed with the new beds! I bet the boys are loving this room. Awesome storage as well. Congrats on a job well done!

  3. #1 – your kids are adorable! #2 – that bedroom is so stinking cute!!!!!!!!! The bed, the dresser and all of the styling details make it so lovely Jess! xo

  4. first off your kids are freaking adorable. This room seems so perfect to me. I can picture the excitement of the boys to see it for the first time. I love that bunkbed it’s really something amazing and i’m sure your sons will love it. Great job!

  5. Oh Jessica!!! I am simply blown away by the creativity here. What an amazing idea and such great use of space. You and your hubby make a great team!

  6. Jess that built in bed turned out perfect!!!! I love it and I bet your boys do too! You created so much space and individuals areas for each child which is so important in a combined living area. Great job my friend, you knocked it out of the park!

  7. Wow Jessica, I simply adore how this creative bed(s) desk combo looks, the most clever use of space ever! The special touches too are amazing, framed onesies – adorable! And I simply love that moose puzzle, too cute!

  8. What an adorable room!! Your boys must be thrilled with their big boy bunk beds! They tuned out so fantastic. Awesome job!!

  9. Those beds are wonderful!! I would have loved to have a loft bed when I was a kid so I know your boys are going to love it! You guys worked so hard and did a marvelous job. Congratulations on a beautiful makeover!!

  10. Hi, I know this is months later, but I just found this post through the ORC, and I wanted to tell you how inspiring the built-ins are. Congratulations! Also, I agree that railings aren’t needed because with that desk below, the loft bed isn’t any higher up off the “floor” (desk) than a regular bed sitting on the floor would be. Plus, with railings the kids wouldn’t be able to all sit on it with their legs dangling off the way they are in that adorable picture! Cheers!

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