Here is a tutorial to make a sparkly blue magnet using epoxy resin. For this project, I used sparkly blue stones and decorative white sand, and some glitter. These are perfect for spring and summer because they remind me of the beach and clear blue skies. I’m fairly new to resin crafts, but Environmental Technology Inc was kind enough to send me a box of products to try.  Let’s get into it!

DIY sparkly blue resin magnet using epoxy resin

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diy sparkly blue epoxy resin magnet

Step 1: Add Blue rocks

Add a small amount of the blue decorative rocks to the bottom of the domed knob mold. My YouTube video below shows the entire process, or continue reading for all the details.

Step 2: Mix the resin

Start by pouring an equal amount of the epoxy and hardener into a small disposable cup. I first measured a small amount of water using a tablespoon and marked with sharpie on the outside of the cup. Then I added the same amount of water to the cup and put another mark on the outside. Dump out the water and dry the cup completely before mixing.

diy sparkly blue epoxy resin magnet

Once you’ve poured an equal amount of resin and hardener into the cup, mix it for two minutes scraping the sides of the container. Pour the resin into a second container and stir for another minute.

diy sparkly blue epoxy resin magnet

Step 3: Pour the blue resin

Add a drop or two of transparent blue dye, and a bunch of fine white glitter. Stir the resin until the color and glitter are completely mixed in.

diy sparkly blue epoxy resin magnet

Pour the resin over the blue rocks in the mold to completely cover them.

diy sparkly blue epoxy resin magnet

Step 4: Glue on a magnet

Let the resin dry for about 12 hours until the top is hard. Glue a small magnet on the back using a small amount of white glue, and let it dry for a few hours until the glue is clear.

diy sparkly blue epoxy resin magnet

Step 5: Add a layer of sand

Pour a bit of white sand around the magnet. Again mix up a small amount of resin using equal parts epoxy and hardener. Pour it over top of the white sand and stir it around until it’s mixed in. Try not to get resin on top of the magnet.

diy sparkly blue epoxy resin magnet

Step 6: Remove resin magnet from the mold

Gently push on the center of the new mold to remove the magnets. And that’s it! If you’re new to working with epoxy resin like I was, this is a very easy project to get you started. diy sparkly blue epoxy resin magnet

diy sparkly blue epoxy resin magnet

diy sparkly blue epoxy resin magnet

diy sparkly blue epoxy resin magnet

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