My parents came to visit a few weeks ago to help us with some things around the house, including the trim and interior doors. My mom took care of the kids and made meals so Tony and I could get some stuff done at the house. My dad worked non-stop on installing the trim and doors. He is very meticulous when it comes to finish work, and he is also very fast. The trim and doors really makes a difference and makes the house feel so much more finished. Here is the master bedroom with the pocket door for the ensuite bathroom on the left, and the walk-in closet on the right. pocket doors

We got all the trim and doors from Mountain Moulding in Mountain Ontario, a little town south of Ottawa. We chose a very simple primed mdf trim style called Urban. We also added a larger sill on the windows to add a little bit of variation.

interior trim

It looks like we missed a piece of casing in the girls bedroom. We’ll get to that.

interior trim and doors

All the trim and doors need to be painted still with two coats of semigloss trim paint. And before that I need to fill all the nail holes and caulk all the joints. I generally don’t mind painting, but trim painting is fairly tedious. At least there’s no rush to paint trim yet as there are other more important things to finish first.

pink accent wall

Here is the hallway with all the doors in. The door at the end of the hall is the bathroom, the room on the left is the master bedroom, and on the right is the two kid bedrooms and linen closet.

interior trim and doors

Here is the big window in the living room. We haven’t finished installing the trim in this room yet, because we haven’t finished installing all the hardwood floor. I didn’t buy enough hardwood flooring, so now we have to wait for that to ship before we can finish the floor, and then we can finish the blue accent wall

We also got a fancy header piece for over the patio door and the front door. interior trim

The front hall and mudroom are still nowhere near done. I haven’t even painted the walls yet. After we get the stairs in, then I can paint, then flooring, then trim. There’s so much to do, but we’re getting there!raised bungalow

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