Last week we had two ~30 foot steel beams delivered and installed. I wasn’t there, but I was told they were very heavy. We got the beams from Quintan Products in Winchester, Ontario. steel beam and floor joists. Owner builder raised bungalow

By the end of the week all the floor joists were installed. We decided to go with the webbed floor joists. This way we can run all the ductwork and plumbing through the joists and it won’t cut into the headroom in the basement. They were slightly more expensive than the regular joists, but this was another area where we thought it would be wise to upgrade. The joists are from St. Lawrence Structures in Cornwall, ON.

steel beams and floor joists. Owner builder raised bungalow in Ontario

Then after the joists they screwed on the plywood subfloor. They also finished installing the foundation wrap which needed to be done before the foundation inspection.

Intalling the subfloor on floor joists

Plywood subloor. Owner builder raised bungalow

And the picture below shows where the front hall and mudroom will be. The corner on the right will be where the front hall closet will be, and the split entry stairs will be in the middle where the opening is.

Steel beams, floors joists and subfloor. Owner builder raised bungalow in Ontario

We also had the roof trusses delivered last week, but we’re not quite ready for them yet. Up next will be framing the first floor, and backfilling around the basement.

Roof trusses

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