This week Steve and Matt (Dovetail Carpentry) started framing the knee wall above the concrete foundation. We are building a raised bungalow, so the concrete foundation is about five feet in the ground. The ceilings in the basement will be nine feet, so they built a four foot knee wall all around the outside of the house.

Fox Block ICF foundation

We just got a Lowe’s in Cornwall (notice the house wrap), which is pretty exciting to me! It’s been open about three weeks now, and I have been quite a few times already. It’s fun just to walk around and browse and get ideas for later on in the building stage when I get to pick out all the pretty things. There are a few other building centres in Cornwall, but it’s just nice to have some variety.

Fox block ICF foundation. Owner builder raised bungalow

The picture below is of the mudroom/laundry room and the front entrance. The building of this part was a little tricky to figure out, which was probably due to our blueprints. We went a little cheap on the house plans, and there were some changes to the plans that we probably should have made before we started building. In hind sight, spending a little extra money to get proper plans would have been a good idea. It will all work out fine, we just might have avoided a few headaches if we had better plans.

Knee wall on ICF foundation

Under the mudroom is the crawlspace that will be used mostly for storage. This is also where the stairs will go.

Knee wall on fox block ICF foundation

And the view from the inside of the basement. The holes for the windows will be cut out later. Next week they will continue working on the knee wall, and depending on how everything goes, after that will be the beams and floor joists. Knee wall on fox block ICF foundation. Owner builder raised bungalow

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