I wanted to find an inexpensive way to display some larger pictures of my kids in a gallery wall going up the stairs to the bedrooms. If I printed out 8 by 10 pictures, plus bought all the frames for them it would be quite expensive. I found a bunch of tutorials online for printing pictures on tissue paper, but none of them worked for me. Every time I tried to print, the paper feed would tear the tissue paper. So this tutorial is a little different because I used spray adhesive, and it worked perfectly!

Tissue paper pictures on canvas. How to make a gallery wall

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How to Make Tissue Paper Pictures On Canvas

To start I laid my white tissue paper with the rough side down on the table. I did a very light mist of Elmer’s Craft Bond acid free spray adhesive. The can says that for removable bonding, to wait about five minutes, so during that time I edited my pictures.


After waiting a few minutes, I put a sheet of computer paper on the tissue paper…

DIY tissue paper pictures on canvas

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…then I cut off some of the excess tissue paper and folder the edges over. I taped all the edges just to make sure nothing slipped when it was printing.

Tissue paper picture on canvas

At first when I tried printing on the tissue paper I just taped the edges of the tissue paper like all the other tutorials said. This did not work for my Epson printer because the printer feed ripped the tissue paper every time. But there were no problems once I used the spray adhesive.

Tissue paper picture on canvas

Once printed I just trimmed along all the edges…

Tissue paper picture on canvas

…and then very carefully peeled back the tissue paper.

Tissue paper picture on canvas

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Then I applied a very thin layer of ModPodge to an 8 by 10 canvas and carefully laid the tissue paper on top. I tried to smooth it out as much as possible without tearing the tissue paper. Once that was dry I did a thing layer of Modpodge on top using a foam brush. Then to finish it off I hot glued some black ribbon around the edges.

Planning A Gallery Wall

For the wall layout I cut out 10 sheets of 8 by 10 paper and taped them to the wall. Using a tape measure and a level I made sure they were all perfectly spaced.

Planning a gallery wall

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I centered a monkey hook at the top of each paper to hang the canvases. I love Monkey Hooks! They are so easy to use and make only a small hole in the wall. And here is how the gallery wall turned out!

Tissue paper on canvas gallery wall

In total this cost less than $30. A pack of 10 canvases at Michaels was about $18. The ribbon was maybe $6. The tissue paper was a couple dollars, and I already had the spray adhesive and the hot glue. And this way I can easily replace a canvas when the kids grow up, because we all know that happens way too fast!

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