Rustic Wood Mirror by L. DeVries Designs

I had a plain mirror left from when we redid our laundry that I thought was the perfect size to use above my dresser. All it needed was a frame, but I didn’t have a whole lot of extra time to make one. My friend makes beautiful hand painted signs with rustic wood frames, and…

Breaking Ground!

The build has officially started! Our contractor for the civil work added a new entrance to the land today, as well as started digging the hole. It doesn’t look like much, but this house building thing is really happening, and we are very excited about it!  

Completed To-Do List For Our Third House

I would say we have finished all the major things on our to-do list for our current house!  I love using lists because it keeps me organized and helps me keep track of the goals to accomplish, and it also feels so satisfying to cross something off when it’s completed. Here is a list of…

Super Easy DIY Cushion Covers

An easy way to add pops of color throughout the house is with colorful and patterned throw pillows. Cushion covers are so easy to make, especially if you already have a few old or unused throw pillows. To start you need about half a meter (or 20 inches) of home decor fabric depending on how big…

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