Ombre epoxy resin magnets with glitter

My blog friend Sheri from Hazel & Gold Designs asked me to write a guest post for her over on her blog. Sheri writes a DIY blog with lots of woodworking, crochet, and resin tutorials.  She does a lot of really great stuff, so if you don’t follow her already, go check her out! I…

diy sparkly blue epoxy resin magnet

Make These Sparkly Blue Epoxy Resin Magnet

Here is a tutorial to make a sparkly blue magnet using epoxy resin. For this project, I used sparkly blue stones and decorative white sand, and some glitter. These are perfect for spring and summer because they remind me of the beach and clear blue skies. I’m fairly new to resin crafts, but Environmental Technology Inc…

handmade paper gift boxes

Handmade Paper Gift Boxes

With the holidays coming up, I thought it would be a fun little craft to make handmade paper gift boxes. This was a great craft to do with the kids to occupy some time, but they also loved it because they came up with some ideas of crafts to make and give away.  You can…

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