Now that it’s 2019 I thought it would be a good idea to look back over the last year and review what we’ve accomplished, see whether or not we’ve finished the things on our list from last year, and set some goals for 2019.

We had a few goals at the beginning of the year. Some of them we finished, some we did not. The goals for our home generally include room makeovers, furniture flips, outdoor projects, and other crafts and DIY projects. Our house is pretty much done, but there are a few things still we need to finish. So here is a combination of our goals for 2019, plus the projects we finished in 2018!

2018 year in review and goals for 2019

1. House Flip

I’ll just start by saying that my number one goal for 2019 is to buy a house to renovate and flip. We almost bought a house a few months ago, but it wasn’t meant to be. If and when we do buy another house, all the other goals that I’m about to list might not happen. 

2. Room Renovations

Boys Bedroom – check

We finished a huge makeover in the boys bedroom. It involved building steps with drawers, making a loft bed, lots of painting, and making a reclaimed wood desk out of hydro pole cross arms.

shared boys bedroom makeover

Mudroom – check

This was not originally on our list for 2018, but I managed to do a budget friendly update of our laundry and mudroom. This involved building benches from items I already had, and adding hooks and baskets for lots of extra storage.

budget friendly mudroom makeover with benches

budget friendly mudroom makeover with benches

2019 Room Renovation Goals

Our goal last year was to finally complete the kitchen. We did not finish the kitchen (though Tony did install one piece of crown moulding). We’ll move that project to the goals for 2019.

A lot of the rooms upstairs are pretty much done, other than painting trim and final decorating. This year we would love to do a bit of work in the basement. Tony would like to build a wall between our wood stove and the rest of the basement to contain the dust. We would also love to put in a bathroom in the basement. However, that’s an expensive project that we can’t afford right now, so the only way that would happen is if I can find a sponsor.

2. Outdoor Projects

Flower garden – check

In the spring I put in a low-maintenance flower bed full of shrubs and perennials. In the fall I also put in lots of tulips and other fall bulbs.

tips for planning and creating a new perennial flower bed tips for beautiful garden design
tips for planting fall bulbs

Top soil and grass behind the house – no check

We called our excavator guy so many times to get this done, but he kept delaying and delaying, and now it’s winter so it’s too late. Hopefully this year.

Above ground pool – check

This was quite the project. Definitely not for beginner DIYers, but if you want to save some money and have a pool, this is the way to go.

how to install an above ground pool yourself

Deck stairs – check

I also built some deck stairs all by myself. 

Swing set makeover – check

And I gave the play structure a makeover. This was the first time I used a pressure washer, and that was a lot of fun. I cleaned the entire play structure, stained it, and also built a very large sandbox.

outdoor play structure makeover using semi-transparent stain

2019 Outdoor plans

Other than finally getting some top soil and grass, we don’t have a lot of outdoor plans. We would like to extend our deck out to the pool area, and we’d also like to do a concrete path at the front of the house. Those are longer terms plans though.

3. Furniture Makeovers

Painted rocking chair – check

I found a ten dollar antique rocking chair and painted it with fusion mineral paint. I have it sitting on my front porch, and I love how it looks.

painted drop cloth plaid pillow

MCM tallboy dresser – check

I found a mid-century modern dresser for the boys bedroom makeover, and used a paint sprayer with two shades of country chic chalk paint

mid century dresser makeover using Country Chic chalk paint

2019 furniture makeover plans

I still have quite a few pieces of furniture sitting in my basement. I hope to refinish those before I’m allowed to buy any more pieces. I’m currently working on a coffee table makeover, so stay tuned for that in the near future.

4. DIY Projects and crafts

diy sparkly blue epoxy resin magnet

how to make a farmhouse clock from a wood cable reel
doll clothes pattern maureen cracknell flower child wrap dress
how to make a painted drop cloth plaid pillow
how to make rustic farmhouse christmas string art

5. Personal Goals

  • Use the table saw – check! I was so scared to use this, but I did when I was working on the mudroom. I’m still not totally comfortable, but it’s a start.
  • Use a paint sprayer – check. I got a paint sprayer and used it for a few furniture pieces. This really upped my furniture painting game!
  • Start a youTube channel – check. I have a few videos, but have neglected it lately. I hope to get back into making videos this year.
  • Learn how to use a router – no check, add this to 2019 goals
  • Be a vendor at a craft show – check. That was a huge learning process.
  • Open an Etsy shopcheck. I’m going to continue making my jewelry, I’d like to do some more craft shows, maybe get my jewelry into some more shops, and expand my inventory with sterling silver and semi-precious stone jewelry.
  • Other than that, I haven’t thought of any other goals. I’m just going to go with the flow and see what happens.

What do you want to see from me in 2019?

Is there a craft you want me to show you, or a product you’d like me to review? A new furniture painting technique? Organizing tips? More room makeovers?



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