If you saw my Instagram recently you might have seen that I started a new venture – I am now selling handmade resin earrings in my online shop under the name of Vanderveen Creations! Today I’m going to spill all my secrets and tell you how to make these faux druzy earrings using glass glitter and jewelry resin.

how to make faux druzy earrings using glass glitter and epoxy resin

*This post contains affiliate links. I received free product from Country Chic paint as well as Environmental Technology Inc for this project* 

Set up your work area

I’ve made a few sets of these earrings and I think I found a great solution for my work area. You’ll want to make sure that the earrings are level before you pour the resin, so I used a big sheet of styrofoam as my work surface. I laid it on a desk in an area away from children, and somewhere that I knew I could leave my project out for a few days without it getting wrecked.

Earring settings

Next I pressed the earring settings into the styrofoam so that they were level. There are so many types of earring settings you can get, but I was able to find a great selection on amazon.

how to make faux druzy resin earrings with glass glitter

Glue a base layer of glitter

First I applied a small amount of white glue to the bottom of each earring setting and spread it out using a paintbrush.

For these earrings I used two shades of glass glitter – rose gold and silver. This glass glitter is made from real glass and crushed up into a chunky powder. It is really shiny and very pretty.

how to make faux druzy resin earrings with glass glitterI got these two jars of glitter from Country Chic paint. They are actually meant for furniture projects, but they also works perfectly for resin earrings!  I sprinkled a small amount of glass glitter on the glue to make a base layer, and let it dry.

how to make faux druzy resin earrings with glass glitter

how to make faux druzy resin earrings with glass glitter

Mix and pour resin and add more glitter

I mixed up some Envirotex jewelry resin according to the instructions. You need only a small amount of resin, so don’t mix up too much. You have to pour equal amounts of the resin and hardener in one container, then stir for two minutes. Pour the resin into a second container and stir for another minute. Then you’re ready to pour!

how to make faux druzy resin earrings

Add a very small amount of resin into the earring setting using a transfer pipette, and make sure it doesn’t spill over the sides. I sprinkled more glitter on top of the resin. I continued to add more as the glitter sunk to the bottom and the resin started to harden.

Faux druzy glass glitter resin earrings

Let the resin dry for about 24 hours, and they’re done! Put them on a cute earring card and these make a perfect gift.  These are very easy to make, and there are so many different options of colors and styles.

handmade glitter jewelry resin earrings handmade glitter jewelry

how to make faux druzy resin earrings

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  1. I love all that sparkle. They look pretty lightweight which is a MUST for my earings. I started wearing earings again after 10 + years using leather ones. But they don’t sparkle…

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