My blog friend Sheri from Hazel & Gold Designs asked me to write a guest post for her over on her blog. Sheri writes a DIY blog with lots of woodworking, crochet, and resin tutorials.  She does a lot of really great stuff, so if you don’t follow her already, go check her out!

I wrote a tutorial for Sheri about how to make ombre glitter epoxy resin magnets. Epoxy resin is my new favorite product to work with, because you can make just about anything and unleash your creativity. I like making magnets because you can always use more magnets, especially when they’re as fun and colorful as these.

Check out the full tutorial here


Vanderveen Creations

You may have noticed this new menu item on my main page…

Tony and I now have a few services and products we are offering.

We have been dabbling in a bit of custom cabinetry on the side, my furniture painting services are for hire for my local people, and I sell some home decor and jewelry items in my online shop.

Anyways, all that is to say that I’m hosting a giveaway for any item in my shop (under $25), plus free shipping. You can check out how to enter the giveaway by clicking through to my guest post on Hazel & Gold Designs!




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