I have another furniture flip for you today! This one is a sideboard makeover using Country Chic Lazy Linen paint and pearl finishing wax. This is a solid wood piece of furniture, and there was nothing really wrong with it. Except that it was painted black. I thought this piece would look so much nicer if it was painted a lighter color. I’m going to show you how I prepped this sideboard, primed and painted it, finished it with the pearl wax, and updated the hardware.

Sideboard makeover using Country Chic Lazy Linen chalk paint and Pearl Wax

* Country Chic Paint provided me with paint and products in exchange for this post. I only share about products that I use and love*

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Here is the sideboard before I did anything to it. It’s a solid piece of furniture with lots of storage and a simple clean design. The only thing I didn’t like was the black color.

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Step 1: Prepare your furniture

With most of my pieces I like to take the time to prepare them before getting into painting. The first step is to remove all the hardware. Then lightly sand the entire piece. I like to use a palm sander with 80 grit first, then 120 grit, but you can also sand it by hand. Sanding removes any lumps and creates a nice smooth base to work on.

Then with a damp cloth, clean off the dust and let it dry.

country chic sideboard makeover

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Step 2: Prime

With chalk style paint, you don’t necessarily have to prime. It’s a thick paint that has great coverage. But from experience, I’m always happiest when I do prime. Especially starting with a dark color and going to a light one. I used a paint brush to apply the primer, and smoothed out any paint lines with a small paint roller.

prime sideboard

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Step 3: Paint

After the primer is dry, I sanded the sideboard lightly with 220 grit paper. Then I did two coats of paint using Country Chic Lazy Linen paint. This paint goes on nice and thick, and it a very light warm grey color. In between coats I lightly sanded with 220 grit sandpaper.

country chic furniture paint

I applied the paint using the Country Chic oval paint brush. This brush is designed to be thicker than regular brushes so it holds more paint, making painting go faster. After finishing two coats of paint and letting it dry, I very lightly sanded the entire piece with 400 grit paper. I also distressed some of the corners and edges to reveal some of the black paint from underneath.

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Step 4: Seal with pearl wax

I used the Country Chic Pearl Wax to finish off this sideboard makeover. The wax is made from natural waxes and oils and is very easy to apply with a brush or a cloth. This wax just slightly deepens the color of the paint, and adds a subtle pearlescent finish. Here is how the sideboard looked without the wax…

country chic lazy linen sideboard makeover

…and here it is after.

country chic pearl wax

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To apply the wax, I scraped a small amount into a bowl and microwaved it for about 20 seconds just to soften it. Then I applied it to the entire piece using a lint free rag.

Step 5: Install hardware

I kept the original hardware, but I updated it using weathered steel spray paint. To spray paint hardware, I first lightly sand it to rough up the surface and to ensure proper adhesion of the paint. Then I did about four very light coats of spray paint until the handles were covered evenly.

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Sideboard makeover using Country Chic Paint

I really love how this sideboard turned out. This paint goes on so thick and evenly, and has a smooth chalky feel when it’s dry. The pearl wax adds a nice unique finish to an otherwise neutral color. Have you ever used Country Chic paint? Which colors have you tried?

country chic lazy linen and pearl wax sideboard makeover

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grey chalk paint

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If you like furniture makeovers, check out Country Chic Paint on Instagram. They also have some great instructional videos on their YouTube channel

7 thoughts on “Sideboard Makeover With Country Chic Paint”

  1. Beautiful transformation! I love giving old pieces new life with a coat of paint – although I usually hire someone to do it for me! I’m so envious of your patience!

  2. You inspire me!!!! I picked up a beautiful solid desk and chair for $5 at a yardsale last summer….love your tips and ideas to use on my piece.

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