It’s better late than never! Now only a few day days before Christmas, here is our Christmas home tour. This year I went for a colorful and fun theme, something the kids would love. It’s not a picture perfect home, but this is normal life for us right now. Come on in and enjoy the tour!

Colorful christmas home tour. Colorful christmas decor. Christmas decorations for children

Front Porch

For the front porch I used an old chair that I picked up from a yard sale (that I plan on painting some day). Also some old crates that were headed to the dump, and logs and branches branches that I collected from the back yard. I finished by wrapping some blue lights around everything.

Porch decorated for Christmas Christmas home tour 2017

I made this grapevine wreath in the fall and decorated it with all kinds of flowers and berries. The flowers and berries withered, and I had plans to decorate it for Christmas, but never got around to it.

Christmas home tour 2017

Front Hall

The kids and I made a felt garland chain to wrap around the banister. This is so easy to make and is a great way to add some color to your Christmas decor.

Christmas home tour 2017

I made these stockings for the girls out of some of their baby dresses. I was going to make some for the boys too, but that will be next years project! In the new year I will be writing a tutorial for how you can make these, so stay tuned for that.

Stockings made from baby girl dresses. Christmas home tour 2017

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Dining Room

The dining room is pretty simple with our little people nativity displayed on the buffet. We got this nativity set as a gift from my sister a few years ago. I store it with all the Christmas stuff, and when I pull it out every Christmas the kids are so excited to have a “new” toy to play with.

Christmas home tour 2017 dining room

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Living Room

And just off the kitchen is the living room. I have my birch branch candles set up on an antique dresser passed down from Tony’s grandmother.

Christmas home tour 2017

And now I see there’s a rogue wise man hiding under the couch…

Christmas home tour 2017

This year we set up the tree in the corner of the living room. We have always bought a live tree, and this year was no different. We decorated the tree with my up-cycled spray painted ornaments, and lots of other colorful and sentimental things.

Colorful christmas tree. Christmas home tour 2017 living room Colorful christmas tree Colorful christmas tree

I bought a few new ornaments and ribbon from Canadian Tire. They have the cutest and most colorful ornaments that I’ve seen this year, and it inspired me to do something fun and full of color this year.

Christmas home tour 2017 Spray painted Christmas tree ornaments. Colorful christmas tree

We hung up a pair of puppy slippers that our oldest son wore when he was a baby. I also made clay hand print ornaments for each of the kids when they were babies, and I love pulling them out every year and talking to the kids about when they were babies. I know it’s a little sappy, but that’s what I love about decorating for Christmas. For us, it’s all about creating new traditions and memories with the kids. I hope you enjoyed our Christmas home tour!

Christmas home tour 2017

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Christmas home tour 2017

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