This week on our master bedroom makeover for the One Room Challenge, I finalized all the linens and pillows for the bed. I think with bedding you can really bring in some color and personality into a bedroom, without spending too much money. I like to keep it fairly simple with bedding. For our bedroom that means clean sheets, warm blankets, and colorful pillows. I’m going to show you some of the options I chose that fit right in with my jewel tone color scheme for the master bedroom.

master bedroom linens, throw pillows, pink and blue

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To start, get yourself a good quality pair of white sheets. I like the fitted sheets with deep pockets so they don’t pop off the mattress too easily.
I really had my heart set on the white sheets with green piping that I linked to in my second post. But a week after I published that post I went to go buy them, and they were gone!
I ended up buying some plain white sheets, that were high quality, and on sale! I’m still considering adding some green trim or accent to the white sheets to bring in a pop of color. But that I will save for another time. 
white sheets, blue headboard, master bedroom linens
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Depending on the season we like to layer different blankets on the bed, but finish with a decorative coverlet. After the sheets I layered on a quilted light blue coverlet. I bought this one several years ago, and there is nothing wrong with it. I still love the color, and I like that I can tuck it in under the mattress to make it look tidy. 
master bedroom linens
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Then layer on the pillows. If you want to add some color and pattern to your bedding, an easy way is just to throw on a colorful pillowcase. If you can’t afford a whole new sheet set, this is an easy way to add some color. These ones are a navy blue watercolor stripe on a white background.
navy blue watercolor stripe pillowcase master bedroom linens
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Decorative Pillows

And then to add some more color and pattern to complete the look, add some throw pillows. I know, these generally just end up on the floor, but doesn’t it it look so nice when the bed is actually made?
shibori watercolor decorative throw pillows
These ones are 16 inch pillows, and they are reversible with different patterns on each side. The blue shibori pillow is the same color as the standard pillow cases, and the pink dot pillow adds a nice punch of color.
reversible shirobi watercolor pillows
master bedroom linens blue and pink shibori watercolor
master bedroom pillow arrangements

Still to do

The last major thing to finish in our master bedroom is the bedside table makeovers. I
started these, but they are not quite finished. Other than that I still need to finish the polka dot wall, install some door hardware, and hang the art. I also spray painted a mirror this lime green color.
lime green spray painted mirror

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15 thoughts on “Master Bedroom Linens and Pillows: One Room Challenge Week 5”

  1. Isn’t there at always how it works. You get your heart set in something then it says gone! You did a good job of making lemonade out of lemons!! Can’t wait to see the reveal.

  2. Oh my gosh! I want all the pillows! Love the color and pattern combo! You are rockin this makeover! So excited for the reveal!! –Susie from The Chelsea Project

  3. The pillows are so pretty! I have never thought about printed pillowcases for my regular pillows and leaving them on top of the bedspread (I always cover them with the spread) but I absolutely love the way this looks. The colors are awesome!

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