The master bedroom One Room Challenge continues. We are now on week 4, and this week I finished a complete bed makeover. This is a simple and inexpensive project, and all you need is some fabric and a stapler.

master bedroom bed makeover using navy blue herringbone fabric

Week 1 – Plans   |   Week 2 – Trim   |   Week 3 – Polka dot wall

Master Bedroom To-Do List

  • Finish installing some remaining pieces of trim
  • Caulk, fill nails holes, and do two coats of paint on the trim and doors
  • Install one last pocket door hardware
  • Create an inexpensive accent wall
  • Makeover some yard sale bedside tables
  • Upholster the bed
  • Add some art to the walls
  • Develop a better system to reduce clutter

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Why am I doing this bed makeover?

We bought this bed about six years ago when we lived in our second house. We wanted a bed that was low enough to fit under our window. At the time we thought we were pleather headboard people, but now it’s not really our (and by our I mean my) style. I wanted to add some more color to the room.

The Fabric

I went to Fabricland and bought some navy and white herringbone fabric that was on sale. I spent about $30 for 2.5 meters of fabric. Then when I got it home it felt really busy. But I didn’t want to buy new fabric again, because then it wouldn’t end up being a very inexpensive upgrade.
blue and white herringbone fabric
I tried to dye it
So first I tried to dye the fabric with some leftover dark blue fabric dye I had. I made the water very concentrated and left the fabric in for a very long time. It turned out like this…
blue and white herringbone fabric for an easy bed makeover
Apparently there are some types of fabric that don’t dye well. This was one of them. When you dye fabric, make sure you know what type of fabric it is and whether there’s any point even trying to dye it.

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Then I painted it
But then I used my watercolor fabric paints. I mixed up two colors (midnight blue and teal) with a bit of water to get a really dark blue color, and just used a paint brush on all the white areas. I think it turned out great, and I love the color now!
navy blue herringbone fabric for a headboard makeover
But of course, I ran out of the paint so by the end I was mixing up the fabric paint with more water, and ended up with lighter and lighter shades. I did buy more of the watercolor fabric paint, so once it arrives I’ll touch up the fabric where needed.

Recovering the bed frame

To recover the bed, first I took it all apart.
bed makeover
I laid down the fabric down and put the bed pieces face down on top.
inexpensive headboard makeover using blue herringbone fabric
how to recover a headboard
easy and inexpensive bed makeover
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Starting in the middle of each piece, I wrapped the fabric around and stapled it to the back, making sure the fabric was tight. If you have patterned fabric, make sure all the lines are straight when you pull the fabric tight.
how to recover a headboard
I stapled all four sides first, and then did the corners to make sure the folds were all consistent. Don’t be afraid to use lots of staples in the back to keep the fabric in place.
how to easily update a headboard with navy herringbone fabric
navy blue herringbone fabric
Once I did all four parts of the bed frame, I put it all back together (which was quite a workout!)

Navy blue herringbone fabric bed makeover

For our bedroom I’m trying to create a relaxing and (somewhat) grownup feeling, while combining a mix of colors and patterns.  I like how the herringbone fabric looks against the polka dot accent wall. By painting the fabric a darker blue, the mix of patterns is still subtle enough not to overwhelm the space. I’d love to know your thoughts on this bed makeover!
master bedroom be makeover using navy blue fabric
bed makeover using navy blue herringbone fabric
master bedroom bed makeover
navy blue herringbone headboard makeover

One Room Challenge

And in other news, the One Room Challenge has been extended by one week! Which means there’s slightly less pressure on me to finish on time. Next week I hope to either finish up the bedside tables, or finalize the bedding and linens. And thanks for all your responses last week! I’ll be finishing off the polka dot accent wall by adding more dots.

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master bedroom bed makeover navy blue herringbone fabric


16 thoughts on “Master Bedroom Bed Makeover: One Room Challenge Week 4”

  1. WOW, that fabric made a big difference on your bed. Nice job!!!! I always love to reupholster furniture like that and give something old and brand new life. Your little helper was pretty darn cute too!!!

  2. I really like how you watercolor dyed the fabric. I have never used watercolor fabric paint, I need some of that! Your bed turned out really wonderful.

  3. What a difference that made! We had a pleather headboard too and I recovered ours with a drop cloth…it looks so much better. Isn’t it funny how our tastes change?

  4. I love it Jessica! How clever to not go and buy a new fabric, but make this fabric your own by painting it! And how very patient you are. I am in awe. Also I love your two little helpers <3

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