If you remember from last week, I will be working on making over our master bedroom over the next six weeks as a guest participant of the One Room Challenge. This challenge is hosted by Linda from Calling it Home, and there are so many great bloggers who are working on some amazing transformations. This past week I finished working on the master bedroom trim, and making a few other design decisions within the room.

Master bedroom trim. One room challenge makeover with jewel tones

The To-Do List

  • Finish installing some remaining pieces of trim
  • Caulk, fill nails holes, and do two coats of paint on the trim and doors
  • Install one last pocket door hardware
  • Create an inexpensive accent wall
  • Makeover some yard sale bedside tables
  • Upholster the bed
  • Add some art to the walls
  • Develop a better system to reduce clutter

Before Pictures

As a reminder from last week, here is what the room looked like. Nothing really wrong with it, but just…boring.

Week 1: Install and Paint Trim

Over the last week I worked on finishing off the trim in the master bedroom. There were a few pieces of unfinished trim that I finally got installed. Just a quick tip, if you’re installing trim around pocket doors, make sure you use short nails. Or just install the trim with glue. We had problems with these doors for months because when I first installed the trim the nails were too long, they went right through the drywall and kept scratching the doors. So I had to remove the trim, pull out the nails, and then re-install the trim properly so the nails wouldn’t interfere with the sliding doors.

In this room I caulked all the joints, sanded all the nail holes, and did two coats of paint on all the trim and doors. (You can read more about installing trim, caulking trim, and painting trim from my spring ORC)

Paint Colors

The wall paint color in the master bedroom is Benjamin Moore Grey Owl in an eggshell finish, and the trim color is Chantilly Lace in semi-gloss. Painting the trim isn’t a huge change, but I think it makes the room feel polished.

pocket doors master bedroom

Other Decisions and Inspiration

I’m on a fairly tight budget for the master bedroom, so I hope to use as much as I can from around the house before buying anything. But that doesn’t mean I can’t look to google for some inspiration. Now just so we’re clear, I probably won’t buy many of these items (if any!). But you can kind of get an idea of the colors and feel I’m going for in our bedroom (aff links).

Bluebellgray sheets with lime green piping

bluebellgray blue coverlet


bluebellgray lumbar pillow

rothesay duvet cover bluebellgray

teal table lamp


light blue bedside table

maroon area rug

lime green bedside table

  • I did buy some fabric for upholstering the bed. It’s a navy and white herringbone pattern.
  • For the bedding I’m going to stick with the light blue coverlet that we already have and maybe get a few pillows to add some different patterns and colors.
  • The bedside tables will either be navy blue, persian blue, or lime green, I haven’t quite decided on that yet

That’s about it for this week! Next week I hope to work on re-upholstering our bed.

jewel tone master bedroom makeover

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23 thoughts on “Master Bedroom Trim: One Room Challenge Week 2”

  1. Beautiful colors! I’m so totally into jewel tones! Also love your trim. It looks like a pro crew came in and installed and painted. Kudos!!! Looking so forward to seeing your progress each week! XO ~~ Susie from The Chelsea Project

  2. Trim is the kind of thing that you notice when it’s wrong, but not when it’s right. Looks great! Love those watercolor prints! And that navy herringbone fabric is one of my faves!

  3. Ooh, I love the trim! I’ve been daydreaming of ripping out all of our trim around the house and replacing it, but I can’t seem to convince my husband that it’s worth it. LOL! I’m going to keep working on it though, because seeing how nice your room looks with it, makes me want it even more! Can’t wait to see what you’ve been up to this past week!

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