I’m not even going to pretend that I’m a gourmet cook. I generally make the same meals over and over each week because it’s easy, the kids eat it, and really I just get in a cooking rut. But sometimes I like to mix things up, especially in the summer when it’s barbecue season. I love barbecuing because it tastes delicious and there’s usually less cleanup. So I decided to make my own grilling planks using different types of wood for different flavors.

How to make grilling planks

Tony and I went to The Wood Source in Ottawa. They have so many different and exotic types of wood, and the store smells so delicious! For my grilling planks I bought red cedar, red oak, and maple boards that were 5 inches wide and 5 feet long. Make sure you get untreated wood.

Make your own grilling planksTo make the grilling planks I just cut the boards into 12″ long pieces. I sanded them and rounded the corners using a palm sander to make sure there were no splinters.

Gourmet grilling planks
Variety pack grilling planks

How to cook with grilling planks

To cook with the grilling planks, I soaked them in water for a couple hours, then arranged my food on the boards and cooked on low heat on the barbecue. I did vegetables sprinkled with lemon juice on the cedar, and brown sugar rubbed chicken on the maple. Throw on a baked potato and I call that a meal. Fish is also great on cedar, and oak would be really nice for pork or beef.
Variety of grilling planks to barbecue a meal
So simple to make and something different to spice up your dinner routine! I have a few of these grilling plank sets left in my Etsy shop.
Maple, cedar, and oak grilling plank
By the way, I may have found yet another hobby (woodworking!), so you might be seeing a few more posts like this in the future.

6 thoughts on “Make Your Own Grilling Planks!”

  1. Love this! It really is easy to get in a food rut, especially when you factor in all the afterschool sports and activities. I make a point of always making something instead of getting into the drivethrough habit but my son has said he’s bored of having all the same things over and over! Will definitely be trying more BBQing this summer and love the idea of making your own planks!

  2. Hey Jess, I didn’t even know these things existed cooking wise 😉 Thank you for teaching me something new!!! I can imagine how delicious meat or veggies will taste when they soak in the unique smell of wood! I love that smell by the way – same as I love the smell of fresh cut grass <3

  3. Jessica, I love this idea. My hubby recently got a BIG Green Egg and loves to grill all the time……which is fine by me 😉 I will show him this post he will love it!!!

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