Over the next six weeks Tony and I will be working on finishing all the interior trim in the house, focusing on the upstairs hallway. We will be completing this project as part of the One Room Challenge.

One Room Challenge

The One Room Challenge is hosted by Linda from Calling it Home. She challenges home decor and design bloggers to take this challenge and completely transform a room in their house within six weeks. Each blogger will share their plans and progress each week. This is my first time taking part in the one room challenge and I’m pretty excited to get some things done!

The Plan

The plan for my One Room Challenge is to finish installing and painting all the trim and doors in our house, but sharing our progress via the upstairs hallway. I will be sharing our progress in the hallway because that’s the area in our house that has the most amount of trim and painting left to do.

interior trim

My plan for the hallway is to install the rest of the trim, and paint all the trim and doors. Now that might not seem like a major makeover, but for me the One Room Challenge will give me a kick in the pants to finish the trim in the whole house. I have been putting it off for a long time because there is a LOT of trim and doors to paint, and it feels very daunting to me.

interior trim

The baseboard and casing are already installed. My father helped us last October and installed most of the trim in the house. Then it stayed like that for months as we’ve been working on other things and just generally procrastinating.

interior trim


Here is a list of what we have to do yet to finish off this hallway:

  • Install shoe mold
  • Caulk all joints
  • Fill nail holes
  • Paint doors and trim

Once all that is finished I can get to the fun part and hang some pictures on this blank wall! I’m not exactly sure what I will put on this wall, but it will probably include pictures of the kids, maybe a mirror, and some other colorful art work and frames. The hall right now feels bland, and needs some color and personality.

Paint | Mirror | Frames | Door

I’m feeling very motivated to finish off all the trim before getting outdoors and do all the landscaping. We have been putting this off for too long, and it will be a huge task to check off our list!

And speaking of lists – if you have some interior trim projects, I created an interior trim installation and finishing checklist. You can print it out and tape it to the wall in each room you are working on to keep track of your progress. To get a printable copy, enter your email address below.


35 thoughts on “Upstairs Hallway And Interior Trim: One Room Challenge Week 1”

  1. We are in the middle of the exact same project so I feel your pain (each time I go into the basement, the pile of trim waiting to go on the walls looks bigger instead of smaller – is that even possible)? I can’t wait to see the finished hallway – a gallery wall with a mix of photos and artwork would look amazing!

  2. Those colours are fabulous Jessica!! Looking forward to following your progress! (I’m sure the results will be stunning!!)

  3. Love all your energy! Can’t imagine how you do all this will 4 little ones. I had to subscribe to your blog because my family are all builders…and Vanderveens!!! It’s so nifty to find someone with my name. You’re doing great work.

  4. I’ve never thought about painting anything in the hallway. We’ve only painted a couple of the kids’ rooms. I like the idea of having the hallway painted too. Thanks for the idea. I’m commenting from Motivational Monday link up.

  5. Just got crown molding installed. They just primed and caulked. I’m on my second coat! Not a fan of painting molding😒 Your baseboards looks amazing. Love a good hallway gallery!

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