We are trying hard to get a few more things done yet before Christmas. One of the major projects we would like to complete is the master bedroom en-suite bathroom.  Here is a mood board with the components we are planning to use for our bathroom.

White and wood ensuite bathroom

I think the last time I showed a picture of the bathroom it was the picture below. The bathroom is the door on the left, and the walk-in closet is the door on the right. This picture was taken way back in September after the drywall was finished. Since then I painted it a light grey (Benjamin Moore Grey Owl). And then after that it became a storage/junk collection room and we didn’t go in there.

Master bedroom

But now we’re working steady to get this bathroom done before the end of the year. Our plan is a grey, white and black colour scheme using a mix of tiles. For the floor we already installed the same grey tile that we used in our main bathroom. Next we will be putting in a white shaker vanity with a marble top and chrome finishes. The shower floor will have a black hexagon mosaic tile, and the shower walls will be large plank wood look tile. There will also be marble trim in the shower to tie it all in with the vanity.

Ensuite bathroom mood board with wood look tile and marble accents

I went back and forth on my decision of the wood look tile. I think it’s beautiful, but I also worry that it might go out of style in a few years and we’ll be tired of it. Is wood look tile too trendy, or is it a style that will stick around for a while?

If you want to see some of our bathroom progress pictures, you can follow me on Instagram.

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