The exterior of the house is now finished (other than the back deck, but we’re working on that still). In the middle of the summer our house looked like this. Raised bungalow vinyl siding

Then by the beginning of September we had the stone installed by Dejong Masonry (Permacon Lafitt stone, Newport Grey colour) and it looked like this.

Permacon lafitt exterior stone newport grey


We were a little late with the siding because it took us forever to make up our minds, then by the time we ordered it and it came in, it wasn’t until the middle of October that Steve and Matt could install it.

Permacon lafitt exterior stone newport grey

We chose Mitten Vinyl siding in the colour Rockaway grey. All along we wanted a dark siding, but kept going back and forth between this and the lighter colours. Lighter coloured vinyl siding is generally a little bit cheaper because the colour is not all the way through the siding, whereas  with dark siding the entire piece is dark. This is supposed to help with fading. So we thought to save money we should choose a lighter colour, but when it came down to it we just decided to go with our gut and get the dark grey. We are so happy with the colour and how well it matches the stone and the black steel roof!

Mitten vinyl siding Rockaway Grey

Dovetail Carpentry installed all the siding for us, as well as finished off the soffit and fascia at the same time.

Mitten vinyl siding Rockaway Grey

We decided to go with white corner pieces to match the windows and soffit, and to provide some nice contrast against the siding.

Mitten vinyl siding Rockaway Grey


The parging was done by Brick Set Masonry from Cornwall, ON. They did a  great job and finished it within three days. They even added a bit of dye to the parging so the colour matches the stone.

Mitten vinyl siding Rockaway Grey, with Permacon lafitt exterior stone


We also got our final grading done at the front and the sides of the house by Karl Moran from Finch, ON. We will get the top soil for behind the house in the spring after we clean up some junk. This is the septic bed at the front of the house. Up until a couple weeks ago it was just a huge sandbox for the kids to play in. Now there’s just mud, but they seem to like that too.

Ted Moran Finch Ontario

Rural septic system for a raised bungalow

Karl Moran also put gravel down for the driveway.

Gravel driveway

And we finally sealed the stamped concrete that we did for the front step.

All the exterior work really tidies the place up, and makes it feel more like a home and less like a construction site.

Raised bungalow with Permacon Lafitt stone in Newport Grey, and mitten siding in Rockaway Grey


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