Last week in-between all the packing and moving we were also working on getting the insulation done.  We decided to go with R22 fiberglass insulation. We decided not to do spray foam because of the higher cost. At this point in the build we’re trying to scale back where we can so we can hopefully still make our budget.  The insulation really makes the house quieter, and will keep the house toasty warm this winter. So here are some pretty pink pictures.


owner builder insulationowner builder insulation

owner builder insulation

owner builder insulation

Kitchenowner builder insulation

Bathroomowner builder insulation


Septic System

Sometime in the last few weeks we also had the septic tank installed and the septic bed finished off. Karl Moran, from Ted Moran and Sons, did all the civil work for the house including the entire septic system.

owner builder septic system

owner builder septic system

Next week the drywall goes in, and soon we can start doing all the pretty finishing work!

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