Garage Floor

Last week we did some more concrete work – that’s pretty much the last of the concrete. We got the garage floor poured, as well as the front step. Here is the garage with the floor poured and screeded…

garage floor concrete

…and halfway through with the float. After using the float the final step is to trowel it smooth. We rented a power trowel again which is a lot easier than doing everything by hand.

garage floor concrete

And after a few days it’s already being used as the break room.

poured concrete garage floor

Front Step

We decided to do stamped concrete for the front step. My father-in-law helped a lot with the concrete work, he formed up the front of the step and made sure the rebar and wire mesh was in place.

DIY stamped concrete

We poured the front step the same day that we poured the garage floor. It was a hot day again, but the front of the house is shady in the morning so it didn’t dry too quick.

DIY stamped concrete

We used the stamping pads that we bought when we did stamped concrete for our back patio. First we dusted the whole step with the release agent powder, then started stamping.

DIY stamped concrete

This is how it looked the following day. The concrete is dry, but the release agent powder still needs to be cleaned off, the forms removed, and the concrete needs to be sealed when it is fully cured.

DIY stamped concrete

This week coming up is a crazy week. Tony is still finish up the electrical, then we need the inspection, then hydro hookup. Garage doors will be installed Monday, insulation completed and inspected by Wednesday, then if all that gets done on time the drywall contractor is coming on Thursday. Plus we are moving this week and have to be out of our house by Friday. So we’re running on little sleep and lots of coffee this week.

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