Last week Steve and Matt from Dovetail Carpentry started installing the fascia and the soffit around the house. The front of the house is finished and I think it really tidies up the roofline. We are going to have three potlights above our front step where those holes are cut out.

potlights in soffit above front step

We decided to go with white soffit and fascia to provide some contrast with the black tin roof, as well as to match the windows. We are going to get some grey stone, and grey siding, so I think the white will really contrast nicely.

soffit and fascia

We will also have two potlights in the covered deck at the back. I love how much the soffit pieces really changed this area. It looks so much more finished!

soffit above a covered deck with potlights

There’s more yet to be done at the back of the house, but little things are slowly getting crossed off the list.

soffit and fascia raised bungalow

white soffit and fascia

white soffit and fascia

This week coming up we will be pouring the concrete for the garage floor and for the front step. We are hoping to start moving our stuff into the garage once the floor is poured and whenever the garage doors are installed. We have to be out of our house in a week and a half, and I’m starting to feel a little anxious about all the things that need to be done in that short time.



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