Yesterday was moving day! We listed our third house way back in March, thinking that it would take all summer for it to sell. But thanks to our amazing real estate agent, Vicki Vanderveen from EXSELLence Realty, our house sold within 5 days! That may not seem like that big of a deal, but in our area houses don’t seem to sell too quickly. (And especially in our experience, we are never this lucky!) We ended up with a really great buyer who didn’t have many conditions, and also agreed to a long closing date. Just the fact that I didn’t have to clean the house and pack up all the kids to get out of the house for showings all summer has been a huge perk. That would have added so much more stress to the building process if we had to deal with that on top of all the busyness that is involved already with building a house.

Moving out of this home has been a little bittersweet. We bought this house knowing that we would only live there a few years, since we knew we wanted to build our forever home. It was an outdated house with quite of bit of work that needed to be done, but we saw a lot of potential and knew we could flip it and make a profit. However, we grew to love the house and the neighborhood. Our kids have made some great friends with the neighbor kids, and the people on the street are kind and trustworthy. We moved into the house with two little kids, and had two more children while living at this house. In a short time we made a lot of great memories. Maybe it’s the extra stress that has piled on us this summer, or maybe it’s because we were so tired, but it was an emotional day. ¬†There’s so much second guessing about whether we are doing the right thing for our family, but at a certain point we need to trust that we are making the right decision and doing what’s best for our family.

The new house is not ready yet to move in, so we will be living at my in-laws for a week while they are on vacation, then we will be living in trailers on the land. Sounds like fun, right?

As a little wrap-up for our third house, here are some final pictures of the empty house with links to the before and after pictures.

The basement bathroom didn’t need much work other than some new paint and accessories.

bathroom with apple crate shelf

We also didn’t do anything to the basement family room. We spent a lot of time down here watching tv, and having family movie nights, and playing video games with the kids.

basement family room

We used the basement spare room as our guest room when we had family from out of town visit. This was one of the first rooms I painted, shortly after we had our third child.

basement spare room

I spent a lot of time in the second bedroom taking care of my babies. There were many hours spent in my rocking chair in the middle of the night. We moved in when our second child was a year old, then had two more babies that lived in this room over the next two and a half years.

kid bedroom

And the bigger kids room. By the time we moved out the three oldest kids were sharing this room. It was tight with all of them in there, but we had the bedtime routine down to a science!

kid bedroom

I tried out some wall stripes with Frog Tape in the master bedroom. I was eight months pregnant at the time, so I don’t remember it being as much fun as I had hoped. The floors turned out beautifully though!

master bedroom

Not the greatest picture, but I loved our living room and dining room. We took down a small wall between the two rooms, and replaced all the dated oak flooring with some new dark hardwood. Tony also added a light to the centre of the room. When we moved in this area was so dark, but now it feels bright and welcoming.

living room

third house dining room

The kitchen renovation was such a big project (it took about two months from start to finish) but it was totally worth it. Tony spent a lot of hours spraying the cabinets until they were perfect.

third house painted white kitchen

painted white kitchen

Then there were the stairs. It was so messy while we did this. Then we all ended up with strep throat around the same time that we refinished the stairs and the bedroom floors. I remember nagging Tony to put on the next coat of polyurethane, in between his fevered naps. And then I got strep throat and realized it was a little worse than the regular man cold.

stair makeover

The laundry room was sort of my first big renovation that I started on my own. I was on maternity leave and was slightly bored, and Tony came home from work that day with the old toilet on the front lawn.

bathroom with birch branch shelves

I forgot to take a picture, but there is also the toy room. I spent a lot of time here playing with my kids. Also a lot of time cleaning up after them.

And then there was the backyard and the pool area.  The kids just loved jumping in and out of the pool and playing in the backyard with the neighbor kids. We are going to miss this part of the house.

inground pool

As much as we will miss this house, we will look back fondly on all the good times we had. There are a lot of great things to look forward to at the next house. As soon as the house is ready, we can move in, set things up, and make a lot of new memories with our family!

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  1. I’m going to say congratulations on such a milestone. I understand the bittersweet feelings, especially with the memories you’ve built with your family. The new build is a big step and a long-held dream for you, though, and this house was an important step in getting to that dream. So congratulations to you.

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