We had a lot going on last week, including plumbing, electrical, the furnace was brought in, and the ductwork for the furnace and HRV was started. Nothing is finished completely, but here are some progress pictures.

Here is the chimney for the furnace. We bought a wood furnace with propane backup, so we needed to have a chimney to vent outside. You can also see the pipe for the propane hookup.

wood propane furnace chimney

wood furnace chimney

We hired Harbers Sheet Metal from Chesterville, ON do to all the ductwork and metal work. Below is the vent for the dryer. We decided to stack the washer and dryer so it made it a little easier for venting.

new house ductwork

And here’s some more plumbing pipes, and the vent for the oven hood fan.

new ductwork owner builder

And the panel box (it’s not quite finished in this picture, but you get the idea).

owner builder electrical panel box

We also had a trench dug from the road to the house for the electrical wire and phone line.

trench for electricaloutdoor trench for electrical

There are lots of wires in the basement that still need to be finished. Tony is doing all the wiring himself, and it turned out to be a bigger job than he expected.


It’s kind of a blurry picture, but there’s a lot going on upstairs with all the wiring and electrical boxes. Tony needs to figure out exactly where all the light switches and plugs go, as well as all the lights and appliances. It’s not exactly easy, and we will both be happy when this part is done.


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