I always felt like by the time we got the roof on and the windows and doors in we could relax a little bit. The thought of water getting into the house and on all that lumber is a little unnerving. Fortunately for us, it’s been a dry summer so we haven’t had to worry about too much rain getting into the house. But at about three months into building this house, we have the house closed in and waterproofed. It feels great to reach this milestone!

People keep asking us whether we are on schedule or not, and I’d say we are doing pretty well. I always expected it would take at least six months, which would take us to the end of October. Tony is always optimistic, and he thinks we can have our occupancy permit by the end of September.

vinybilt windows owner builder raised bungalow

All the front windows are installed in the bedrooms and the future bedrooms in the basement. The mudroom and the front hall have 13 foot ceilings, so we went with two foot transoms on top of the front door and the mudroom window. The garage doors still need to be installed, but before that can be done we have to pour the concrete floor in the garage.

At the back of the house there is a sliding patio door off the dining room onto the covered deck. We got seven foot wide windows for the living room and dining room, and the basement window below the dining room. The window to the far left in the picture below is the ensuite bathroom window.vinybilt windows owner builder raised bungalow

This is the back of the garage. We just got a small window in the garage so Tony can check on the kiddies while he’s puttering in the garage. The window in the basement is in the utility room. We are getting a wood/propane combination furnace, and we will throw in the wood through this window and store it in the utility room.window in a garage

And this is the west side of the house with the main bathroom window and the master bedroom.house construction owner builder

We decided to go with Vinylbilt windows that we ordered through Emard lumber in Cornwall. The prices were pretty comparable to a bunch of other companies we looked at and they seemed like good quality with a decent warranty. Vinylbilt also has a special coating on their window glass that is supposed to keep the windows looking cleaner longer. Most of my decisions when choosing something for the house have to do with how easy it will be to clean. If something is telling me I can get away with cleaning less often, I’m kind of a sucker for that.

Here are some links for the things we’ve been working on the last few weeks:

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