Last week the guys finished pouring the concrete slab in the basement. Before that was done though there was quite a bit of prep work, which included dumping more gravel into the basement, and leveling it off.

Amvic Insulated Panel

Then we laid down Styrofoam insulation on top of the gravel. We used the Amvic insulated panel for radiant heating. All the foam pieces link together to make a flat insulated surface for the entire basement. There are nubs in the shape of a mushroom every few inches. When the pipe for in-floor heating is laid out, the mushroom shapes holds the pipe firmly inside. When the concrete is poured it surrounds the entire pipe.

amvic system infloor heatingamvic system for in-floor heating in a basement

The pipe that is used for the radiant in-floor heating is a different kind than that used for regular plumbing.  It has a special oxygen barrier that is supposed to prevent corrosion in the heating system. And of course it is more expensive than regular pex.

amvic system for in-floor heating in basement concrete

Basement Concrete

Here is a picture with almost half of the concrete poured. We rented a power screed that made it so much easier and faster to screed all the concrete.

Pouring concrete in a basement

And here is another picture of the wet concrete after it had all been poured and screeded.

basement concrete with in-floor heating

We also rented a power trowel. Concrete is not the most fun job, so any tool that can make it easier and quicker was well worth it. The weather never seems to go our way for big jobs like this; it was also another record breaking hot day and the concrete dried a little faster than expected. I did feel sorry for the guys as I was sitting in my pool with my cold drink.

power trowel

And here is the final concrete slab after a day of drying.

basement concrete with in-floor heating. Owner builder raised bungalow

Basement concrete with amvic in-floor heat. Owner builder raised bungalow

Insulated concrete forms basement with in-floor heat

Now we can bring all the kids riding toys and tricycles down here and they can entertain themselves while Tony and I work!

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