Tony and I bought 30 acres of land in a small community south of Ottawa, ON, and we started building our forever home in April 2016. We have been planning our dream home for a few years, and this year we decided to build our house and act as our own general contractors. We are seven weeks in, and continuing with the framing.

Last week the framing for the exterior wall was pretty much finished. Our contractors finished the front wall of the garage, and the wall for the front lobby. They also finished putting the aspenite on the exterior walls, and put most of the house wrap on the exterior.

house framing raised bungalow

This is the left side of the garage. We changed up the plans a bit and decided to put a door on this side of the garage instead of a window.

framing a house

And this is the back of the house with the large window in the dining room, and the covered deck by the living room. The small window is where the master bathroom will be.

framing a raised bungalow

This is the right side of the house where the master bedroom will be. The other small window to the left of the master bedroom is the main floor bathroom.

house framing

Our contractors also started building the covered deck at the back of the house. We decided to build the deck two feet bigger than the plans because it basically cost no extra money.

house framing

We will put a patio door off the dining area to the covered deck. It will be so nice to sit back here and enjoy the view!

house framing

This week the trusses will go up, then Saturday we will install the tin roof. The picture below is a gable all ready to go up on the house.

trusses for a raised bungalow

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