An easy way to add pops of color throughout the house is with colorful and patterned throw pillows. Cushion covers are so easy to make, especially if you already have a few old or unused throw pillows.

To start you need about half a meter (or 20 inches) of home decor fabric depending on how big your cushion is. Upholstery or home decor fabric is usually 54 inches wide. My cushions are a little less than 20 inches, so I cut my fabric 20 inches by 54 inches. Here’s how to make an easy cushion cover.

Start by cutting your fabric a little wider than the throw pillow. Hem one end. You could do both ends, but one end will be on the inside and no-one will ever see it. I like to take little shortcuts when I can.

DIY cushion covers

Put your fabric right side up, and place your pillow on the fabric.

Make your own pillow covers

Wrap the fabric around really tight with the hemmed edge on the inside, and put one pin in to hold the two layers of fabric together.

Slide the pillow out so the fabric lays flat and pin the rest of the way across. Draw two lines on the sides so that you have a square, and sew along these lines.

Easy DIY cushion covers

Then trim the sides and clip the corners so the fabric doesn’t bunch when it’s turned right side out. Now is also a good time to iron.

DIY envelope cushion cover

Turn it inside out and stuff the pillow in, and that’s it!

DIY envelope cushion cover

In total it takes me about 15 minutes to make one cushion cover. I have them all over the house. This one I made from a $2 thrift store pillowcase.

Pink cushion cover

This one at the front is outdoor fabric from Fabricland. I love working with outdoor fabric because there are a lot of bright and fun patterns, it holds its shape well, and it’s also easy to clean. This one had marker all over it thanks to my one year old, but it came off easily with a wet cloth.

Easy DIY envelope cushion cover

These two at the front are also outdoor fabrics. I didn’t have quite enough fabric for two pillows so I pieced together some scraps for the one on the left.

Envelope cushion cover

And these two I made from some Ikea fabric.

DIY cushion cover

I’m no sewing expert, but as long as you can sew a few straight lines, you can make some fun, bright, and cheap cushion covers!


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