For our third house we bought a 1990s split-level that had great bones, but needed a fair bit of cosmetic upgrades. Here is a summary of everything we did in our third house. There are two rooms in our house that we felt we didn’t have to do anything to; these are the main upstairs bathroom, and the basement family room. To finish off the house tour, here are some pictures of the bathroom and the family.

The top floor of our house has has three bedrooms as well as a bathroom. The bathroom is fairly big, and had been renovated not too long before we moved in. The bathtub is huge and is great for bathing all the kids at once!

Bathroom with free standing tub

I love how this bathrooms sparkles because of the crystal light fixtures. The skylight is so nice too because it gives the bathroom so much extra light.

Bathroom in a 1990s split-level

I made that wooden hook shelf when I was 18 to hang all my belts. That was one of my first projects, and I’m glad I kept it for so long. It works great in the bathroom now to hang the kids’ towels.

Bathroom with freestanding tub

And here is the vanity with double vessel sinks.

Double vessel sink bathroom vanity

And all the way downstairs is the family room. There was nothing we felt like we needed to change, so this is how we left it!

Family room in a split-level houseBasement family room in a split-level house

Basement family room in a split-level house

Down that hall to the left of the TV is the basement spare room as well as the basement bathroom.

Basement family room in a split-level house

And that completes the house tour! We have finished everything we wanted to in our current house, so now it’s time to sell the house and move on to the next big project. We will be starting to build our next house in a few weeks, so stay tuned!

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