The basement bathroom really didn’t need much work. I patched a few spots on the walls, and painted the walls and trim. I can’t even tell you what colour I used for the walls, because I think I just mixed a few half cans of paint that I had lying around. It’s quite a small bathroom with only a shower, toilet and sink, but it’s perfect for when we have guests over.

bathroom makeoverbathroom with apple crate shelf

I made a towel shelf using a wood apple crate that I got from Michaels. I’ve also seen these crates at Home Depot and Walmart, and they’re usually under $15. I painted it using some DIY chalk paint that I made. I got a sample pot of blue paint from Home Depot for $5, and I tried the calcium carbonate chalk paint according to this blog post. The calcium carbonate powder was pretty hard to find, so I ended up buying it off Amazon. This was my first time using chalk paint. When I made up the paint, I didn’t mix the calcium carbonate with water. In hindsight, I should have, because when I sanded the crate after painting it I ended up getting little white lumps all over from the unmixed powder. After two coats of paint and a light sand I finished it with Minwax finishing paste.

chalk painted apple crate shelf

A few simple updates and this bathroom looks as good as new!



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