For our next house we plan to build a 1650 square foot raised bungalow. Our plan is to be the general contractors ourselves and hire sub-contractors for some of the work. We (and by we I mean mostly Tony) hope to do a lot of the work ourselves, depending on how much time we have. I will be in charge of organizing and planning and buying supplies.

We bought 30 acres of land near Lunenburg, ON. almost two years ago. Most of the land is treed, except for about 2 acres in the front corner. This is where we plan to build our house; this area is a little bit higher and will provide some natural drainage (picture from google maps).


This is the view of our land from the road. We plan to build the house about 200 feet off the road in this cleared area (picture from google maps).


This is the front view of our house plans. We wanted a raised bungalow because of the bigger windows in the basement. We will eventually put bedrooms in the basement and want it to be bright living space.

Front elevation

This is the left and right sides of the house. We will do stone on the bottom 4 feet of the front and sides of the house, and siding for the rest of it.

Left elevationRight elevation

And the back of the house. There will be nice big windows from the living room and dining room, and a covered deck.

Rear elevation

And this is the floor plan. We wanted a big mudroom/laundry room off the garage before entering the house. We also wanted an open concept living area. We tried to keep it simple with three bedrooms. One thing that we definitely wanted for this house was an ensuite and a walk in closet. We thought about our house plan layout for probably a year, and came up with this design ourselves. We found someone local to draw them up for us, then got the plans stamped by an engineer.

Floor plan

We are quite excited to start the building process, and hope to start building in the spring of 2016!

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