Our third house was a 1990s split level on a 1 acre lot on a quiet street in Ingleside, ON. We bought it in November 2013. When we first saw the house we thought it was dark, dirty and outdated, but it had lots of potential for improvement. We knew we didn’t want to live in this house forever because we had plans to build a house, so we figured that an outdated house would give us the most potential for making a profit when we sold.

1990s split level

The house is a split-level, so after going up the first set of stairs is the kitchen, living, and dining areas. The kitchen was a lot of orange. Oak cabinets, orange paint, orange light fixture, and oak trim made the kitchen feel very outdated. There’s lots of cabinets though and we loved the granite counters.

1990s oak kitchen

1990s oak kitchen

There was nothing wrong with the dining room other than the dark paint.  And there was a funny half wall between the dining area and living room that made it feel small and closed off.

Dining room of a 90s split level fixer upper

There was nothing wrong with the living room either, other than it was dark because there was no ceiling light fixture. The hardwood was also pretty worn out because the previous owner had dogs in the house.

Clear oak hardwood floors

The stairs were very dirty and worn, and the railing was very shaky.

Clear oak stairs

Oak stairs from a 1990s slit level fixer upper

The two kids bedrooms upstairs were a lot of pink paint and oak trim.

Pink bedroom before picturePink bedroom in dates 90s house

Pink bedroom in 90s fixer upper1990s split level fixer upper

And more oak trim in the master bedroom.  The bedrooms are all really good sizes, all they needed was some paint and new flooring to update everything.

1990s master bedroom

The upstairs bathroom had recently been renovated so there was nothing for us to do in this room.

Master bathroom

On the main floor is a living area that we use as our toy room. It had laminate flooring and a fireplace that looked really outdated, and very poor lighting.


Also on the main floor is a bathroom / laundry room. There was water damage to the vanity and it also felt very dark.

Bathroom makeover before pictures


In the basement is a family area, a spare room and another bathroom. There wasn’t much work to do in these areas, other than some paint.

Another perk of this house is the in-ground pool, which is pretty awesome in the summer for the kids.
Inground pool


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