Our second house was a brand new 1450 square foot raised bungalow near Winchester, ON. We bought it in August 2011 and it had everything we wanted in a house. We loved the 2 acre lot because it had lots of trees. Most of the projects we did in this house was painting, and a lot of yard work outside. In the summer of 2013 Tony got a new job in Cornwall, ON, and we sold the house in November to move closer to his work. Here are pictures of the downstairs area from when we moved out.

Raised bungalow with stone exterior

Front hall looking out from the laundry room.

Front hall 3

This is the laundry room / bathroom. I painted that design on the wall using a LOT of frog tape.

Laundry room

This is the other side of the laundry room. Tony built those cabinets out of mdf and painted them with his paint sprayer. The countertop is a butcher block counter from Ikea that we stained a warm brown.

Raised bungalow laundry room

Grey and yellow bathroom

Downstairs was the family room and kid play area. Half of the basement was finished, and the other half we used for storage. We loved this area because of the big windows and the nice open space.

Raised bungalow basementRaised bungalow basement

Raised bungalow basement

The rest of the house pictures can be found here.

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