The living room in our first house was a good size, it just needed a bit of TLC. There were bullet holes in the wall, the flooring was laminate and it was bubbling around the front door from water damage. The front window was old and leaking so we also wanted to replace that. We also took out the half wall beside the front door to open up the area. These are the before pictures from the day we bought the house.

Living room before pictures

Living room

1980s dining room

One of the first things we did was replace the front window because it was old and leaky. The original window was a bow window, but we replaced it with a straight one that we found on kijiji.

1980s fixer upper

Tony removed all the siding that was around the window and all the drywall on the inside.

To install the new window he had to add a header and frame the wall underneath the window. The new window was a bit smaller than the original, so Tony had to frame it in to the right size and add some more insulation.

And then the drywall.

We also replaced the flooring in the living room. The original was laminate and we replaced it with maple hardwood. Tony tiled an area by the front door and in the closet to avoid any more water damage to the flooring.

Here the floor is all prepped and ready for the hardwood. We rented a hardwood flooring nailer from home depot, and it took us about two days to install all the flooring in the living room and hallway, with the help of Tony’s brother-in-law.

Hardwood floors

And here is the finished living room.

Check out this link to see more before and after pictures of our first house



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