The biggest renovation project we did in our first house was the kitchen makeover. There used to be a granny suite in the basement and the kitchen cabinets there were fairly new and quite nice, and they fit the configuration of the upstairs kitchen almost perfectly.

This was the kitchen the day we moved in. Overall, not too bad, but we felt the black cabinets were dark and outdated, and the tile looked dirty with that dark grout.

Kitchen makeover80s kitchen makeoverBefore and after kitchen

Here are a few pictures during the gutting stage. We got a lot of help with the kitchen from Tony’s brothers and father.

Kitchen before pictures

Here is the kitchen with all the cabinets out.

Gutted kitchen

And here is the kitchen after starting to put it back together. These were the cabinets that were in the basement when we moved in. Tony had to build a few cabinets including the large pantry beside the fridge.

White kitchen cabinets

And we moved the sink from the corner where it was originally to the peninsula closer to the dining area. Tony did all the plumbing work himself.

Kitchen makeoverWhite kitchen before and after

In the dining area we took out the drywall with the white tile on it and Tony redid the drywall. We also replaced the patio door with the help of my parents.

Kitchen makeover

Tony made the countertop with a wood edge and laminate top. We┬áinstalled the tiled backsplash together using square tumbled travertine tiles in a brick pattern. We were able to keep the existing tile floor. Here are a few pictures of the final┬áresult – not too bad for our first kitchen makeover!White kitchen with travertine backsplashDining room makeoverDining room with patio door

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